What Spring does for you

Increased productivity

Improved employee retention

Improved work culture

For you and your staff

Spring helps your staff improve their financial wellbeing while improving workplace productivity and retention

1. Workshop

Spring facilitators host a face-to-face financial workshop at your organisation to onboard your employees.

2. Employee education

From KiwiSaver to home buying and investing. Spring’s education programmes cover the financial spectrum.

3. Action-based learning

Advice is great, action is better. Spring provides hands-on steps to support your employees to reach their financial goals.

4. Incentivised

Employees earn SpringCoin and go into the monthly draw to win vouchers to their favourite stores.

5. Connect with financial mentors

Your staff can connect directly with face-to-face help from qualified financial mentors.

6. Insights & engagement

Spring's Employer Dashboard shows anonymised data about how your employees are tracking towards their financial goal.