8 ways to save at the supermarket
Find the most cost-effective options to keep the supermarket bills down. Check out these 8 tips to save at the supermarket

Bigger isn't always better
Instead of automatically reaching for the biggest packet, check the unit pricing (the price per nappy or kilo, listed next to the RRP on the shelf) to discover the true saving.
Beat supermarket tricks
- Items that the supermarkets want us to buy are placed at eye level, while better value items may be placed above or below
- Supermarkets place complimentary goods beside each other, such as biscuits near the coffee and tea
- Specials and ‘3 for the price of 2’ type offers may not be as good value as other items or used as a way to encourage us to buy more than we need
Don’t shop too often
Studies have shown that the more often we shop (dropping in every few days with a small basket instead of one big shop each week), the more we spend on unplanned purchases
Watch where you shop
One supermarket in particular cuts costs more than others
Know your weaknesses
To keep your shopping bill in check, bring a shopping list and stick to it, plus never shop when you’re hungry
Look out for errors
Make sure you keep an eye on the numbers being totted up at the cash register. If the supermarket slips up and the price at the checkout is more than the price on the label, query it
Buy unpackaged food
Buying unpackaged food often works out cheaper, as it comes without the layers of packaging
Know the best days to shop
The two days for the cheapest supermarket prices are Mondays and Thursdays, according to retail consultancy The Bailey Group. They found that stores often offer specials on staples such as toilet paper, nappies and laundry powder on Mondays to tempt shoppers into the store. Perishable items are more likely to be discounted towards the end of the shopping day, as supermarkets mark down stock to get it off their shelves

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