NZ University Scholarships
4 facts you must know about NZ University Scholarships

1. What is a School Leaver Scholarship and how does it help me?
Scholarships are offered by universities, companies and private organisations to Year 13 students from all over New Zealand. These organisations and companies might pay money to help finance your studies, whether that is living costs or course fees.
The purpose of a scholarship is to lower the burden of a student loan. Scholarship money is particularly useful for paying living costs such as rent and food.
There are hundreds of scholarships available every year to Year 13 students. If you are eligible, you are in with a chance of being awarded one. Remember that scholarships are competitive, have limited numbers and follow strict deadlines.
To have the best chance of success, you must get onto them early. School holidays are the ideal time to look and apply for scholarships.

2. What different types of School Leaver Scholarships should I be looking at?
Many scholarships are specific to your planned area of study. For example, if you plan to study a commerce you won't qualify for an engineering scholarship. Your options will vary based on what you plan to study.

3. Explaining "Eligibility" for better scholarship shortlisting
Read the eligibility criteria to get an idea of whether or not it is worth going for a particular scholarship.
Many are especially for students with/for:
  • Specific gender, age or ethnicity
  • Member of an indigenous or other special groups
  • Academic or sporting excellence
  • Study in a certain field or at a certain level
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership - in school and out of school
  • The region you grew up in or plan to study in
  • Financial hardship

4. ​How do I find this year's available Scholarships?

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